Little Bird – Dublin8

Monday to Friday ( 8 am to 8 pm)

Saturday to Sunday (10 am to 4 pm)


The coffee taste was mild and place was very cozy and comforting😋


I never imagine that Yoga studio + Cafe can be together!! This cafe is the one, brilliantly well combine both facilities!😍

The cafe isn’t located directly on the main street, even though just 15mins from my place I didn’t know this place for years.

Again, Thanks to my friend😍  who recommend this place to me



I tried the sandwich of the day. It was for Vegetarian, I’m not sure they are selling only vegan food or changed by day… I should visit very soon to get the answer 😅

Anyway, Sandwich was good, bit sour taste from the homemade cottage cheese but all the ingredient was very fresh and tasty😋


Scones look really amazing!! I’m going to try very soon!!


The Yoga studio is connected with cafe backdoor. I saw few people order food or coffee after they finish the class or before the class started.

It must be really great after Yoga class and cup of coffee❤️


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