The Bird Cage – Dublin2

  • Location – 21 Harcourt Rd, Dublin Southside, D2, Ireland
  • Wi-Fi – Yes
  • Regular cappuccino – 2.60euro
  • Coffee bean –  Silverskin Coffee Roasters
  • Brunch serve – Sambos,Wraps,Tortilla,Calzoni,Salads…
  • Opening hours – Monday to Friday (07:30 am – 3.30pm)/Sat,Sun(Closes)


I have a friend who always kind, sweet and wiser than me. She used to take me nice cafe and give me good advice about my worries and concerns. When I asked her ” Do you know any nice cafe?” This place was the very first recommendation from her. 😘



I’m from Korea, and when you live in Korea, You will know Korean people are working very hard in “General”😂. Compare with busy and competitive Korean culture, Life in Ireland feel like more relax and easy going😅. So, when I saw ” All our pastries are baked at 6 am” I was bit surprise😮. Cause not many cafes in Dublin will do same. Also, this cafe closed at 3:30 pm and Weekend close. Wow😮I was really surprised about their opening hours.  Because The location and opening hours at the cafe aren’t really customer friendly. However, people make a queue at the lunch time to buy their food. What is the secret???!!


The inside cafe is cozy and warm 🙂 busy lunch time may very crowd to find the sites. If you luck, you might find the sit on the window bar 😎


Coffee price is great. Also, coffee taste is mild and milk, not too strong.


I think the secret of this cafe is this food!! They make food with  Really fresh ingredients and great bread!! 😍😍


Also, these lovely pastries are amazing!!! They have so many things you should try!!!😍


Pros – Great foods and coffee😍

Cons – Location and Opening hours😩


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