Avoca Cafe – Dublin2


I had one Korean friend who loves cake and ice cream. She used to say to me her favourite cafe is Avoca cafe because of cake. Well,, My first impression was…bit expensive and sites are too tiny and uncomfortable.  However,,, you would change your impression after you taste food and cakes!!



The cafe is located the second floor of AVOCA shop. It is very easy to miss the cafe!!! 😂


When you finish the climb (?!) stairs, You will finally find the cafe and will see the colorful cakes!! 😍


It was about to close time when I took the photos.  It is hard to find the table when you come brunch time normally 😂



I ordered pancake!! It was the best pancake I’ve ever eaten!!! with fresh berries, cream and maple syrup were great!!


Opening time is bit confused,  Also opening time in Google map has a different opening timetable. So, it would be better to check before you visit the cafe!!😅



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