The cake cafe – Dublin8

 Monday to Friday (08:30 – 06:00)

Saturday (09:00 – 06:00)/Sunday (closed)

20170621_210659 copy

The cafe is located the inside Daintree Wedding Stationery (61 Camden Street Dublin 2)

20170621_210818 copy

The cafe will show up the Daintree Wedding Stationery shop back door!!!;-)


It is a great feeling that pass through the little bamboo garden at the entrance of Cafe


Their “HOME MADE CAKE” are LOVELY!! very fresh and great taste:-)


The brunch is also famous here!! Will be very crowded at lunch time, Try to avoid 🙂

20170621_130917-01-01 (1)20170621_131842-0120170621_133646-01

There is another entrance!! ( Google map shows this entrance!! So don’t be confused 🙂 )



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